The fashion line, Marc by Marc Jacobs has incorporated a hashtag campaign via Instagram and twitter. The line, known for its cutting edge campaigns and ads appear to have taken more of a grassroots approach to its spring 2015 campaign.

In April 2014, Instagram and twitter users were asked to tag their photo’s with #CastMeMarc. By May 2014 35,000 applicants had joined in with a wish to meet Marc as well as model for the 2015 campaign. The lucky winners from all over the world were direct messaged through Instagram or twitter with the news of being chosen and then flown to New York for the shoot.

The campaign, although daring has proven to create a buzz of excitement. Today, fans still use the hashtag on their Instagram and twitter pictures in hopes to get their break and the YouTube video of the finished campaign, posted on January 14 already has 50,000 views. There have been mentions of the campaign on many different fashion blogs and media sites.

Aside from the blogs and news sources covering the campaign I think it’s important to think about the new crowd of followers that were just made. Each of the hopeful contestants using the hashtag probably watched closely as the entire campaign unfolded. The friends and families of the 11 contestants chosen most likely have tuned in to what the line has to offer and may remain customers after this once in a lifetime experience. It’s easy to have a beautiful campaign by casting well known models but to find ordinary people and still have an amazing campaign makes me relate to the ads more and reminds me that the line really is for everyone. I believe this campaign brought excitement to his fans and personalized the line making it a campaign hard to forget.

Meet the models for the spring 2015 campaign here: 


One thought on “#CastMeMarc

  1. This is really cool campaign from Marc By Marc Jacobs, because it help people to become a model. Recently, lots of high fashion brands become more approachable. They not only create some new fashion lines, but also create some new style. For example, the high fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana, its new theme is fashion for all kind of ages of people. So, it not only design apparels for young people but also for senior and children.


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