5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Interview Outfit

So you landed the interview, congrats! You have polished your resume and done your research on the company but now it’s time to choose your interview outfit. Your outfit is one of the first examples of your personality. Before you open your mouth your interviewer has already formed an opinion about you based on your clothing. Follow these helpful tips for nailing the first impression.

1. Scout the company! A day or two before the interview spend some time in the area or grab a coffee nearby and check out what other people are wearing. You want to dress as if you’re already an employee there. If the employees are wearing jeans or dressed as if it’s casual Friday then don’t copy them! BUT do wear a business-casual outfit.

2. Stick to the basics. Now is not the time to try out a crazy new trend or to practice mixing patterns. Aim to wear neutrals and simple or plain prints. You don’t want your interviewer distracted by your clothing choices.

3. Modesty is key. Check your outfit in the natural light to make sure it’s not sheer and that there aren’t any unflattering lines showing through. Next, make sure the cleavage is covered! If you’re wearing a dress or skirt aim to have it hit the knees and make sure to cover up your arms. If you’re wearing pants feel free to show more arm but stay away from t-shirt style sleeves and tanks.

4. Be comfortable. If you aren’t used to wearing heels then you shouldn’t attempt wearing them to a first interview. Don’t wear anything too tight or constraining as it will distract you during your interview. Try to wear something breathable and light in case you start to get the (totally normal) nervous sweats.

5. Show some character. Adding one or two small accessories that are colorful or unique can help show some personal style and character. Adding a statement ring, a cute necklace or even a simple purse can bring life to your outfit and appearance. Just try to stick to one or two extra accessories and remember you’re going to an interview not out for drinks with your girlfriends.

One of my go to outfits is a plain black dress with a slightly tinted pale pink blazer, a statement necklace, and black pointed flats.

If you’re looking for more fashion inspiration and tips visit Lauren Conrad’s blog. I think she is an excellent source to look to for fashion tips and professional tips. Visit her site here: http://laurenconrad.com/blog/2011/09/dress-coding-for-the-business-professional/


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