Making Statistics Pretty

When you’re displaying statistics or information for publics, doing so in a clean, visually appealing, no nonsense matter is the key for success. The use of an infographic is the perfect way to display your data or information in a way virtually anyone can understand. Follow these easy tips for creating your own infographic’s, inforgraphic’s for clients and companies or personal posters:

Use complementing colors, in fact, try to keep your color palette below five.

Make sure your alignment is clean. It must be easy on the eyes to follow and read.

Use statistics and numbers.

Tell a story. Your use of statistics or data should flow in an order that complements or builds on one another.

End your story with solutions or more information.

When you’re first working with infographics and visual representations of data it can be confusing to understand the steps it takes to share your data in a clear and concise way. A good website for examples and templates to work with is, Check out their site and start to play around with colors, shapes and layouts that they use and you can create your own mock infographic for a fake client before you’re asked to do the real thing.

Here’s a mock infographic I created using Piktochart. My pretend client was, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and I wanted to spread awareness about how many people are affected by the disease. At the end I offered some solutions and how viewers can get more information.

Take a look at my work in progress:

Breast Cancer Statistics Infographic 2


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