How to Have a PRoductive Spring Break

For college students, spring break is a time to let loose, erase everything school related from your mind and pretend for a week that you don’t have any responsibilities. As a senior in college, a heavier course load has made me much more excited for this years break even though I will most likely be sticking around dreary Oregon for the week.

Spring break is the perfect time to get a head start on the job or internship search that you “haven’t had time for” in the past few months. Here are some of the pointers I have heard and plan to work into my break while definitely still making time for relaxation and a social life:

Research, research, research! While you lay on the couch or in bed binge watching shows on Netflix, it wouldn’t hurt to start researching upcoming jobs and internships or companies you’re interested in working for. You’re most likely still in triple tasking school mode so you might as well take advantage of it and get a few productive things done. (You can do it in your pajamas!)

Set up informational interviews! Now is the time to contact those agencies or employers you have been interested in and ask if you can meet them for a cup of coffee. Choose a fun place that you have been wanting to check out and make plans to go shopping or meet a friend nearby afterwards. You will feel much more productive and inspired afterwards AND it gets you out of the house in a change of pace and scenery.

Polish. Dig up the resume and make all the little changes you haven’t gotten around to. Add in new experiences and make sure to save a copy of your resume as a PDF for using with applications. PRSA has some good resume tips but explore other websites and find what works best for you. PRSA

Apply. After you have done some research and even talked to a few companies you might as well send in some applications. Right? Set a goal early on in the week of how many places you want to apply to and then dedicate an hour or two first thing in the morning just to send in some resumes and applications. Keep track of where you send them off to on a spreadsheet and remember to check in on your applications in a week or two. (You can do this in your pajamas WHILE SIPPING COFFEE.)

You may not be somewhere tropical for spring break but make a plan and follow these steps to ensure you have a productive break! I’m sure you’ll feel just as refreshed when you go back to school (okay maybe not) but you will be more prepared than you were before break you just might not have that glowing tan.


One thought on “How to Have a PRoductive Spring Break

  1. Great tips for being productive over spring break. The break is just around the corner, i am going to refer back to your post to help me find motivation! Thanks Shelby!


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