The Person Behind The Brand

With the growth of social media and the online community, it has been key for companies and organizations to not only have an online presence but strong social media accounts as well.  The social media accounts are not only used for conversations and promotions, it’s also a way for the brand to show its true personality and colors. The ability to show themselves is both a weapon and a blessing. These organizations and brands can build and strengthen fan bases on simple re-tweets alone or they can completely destroy the trust of their followers with one inappropriate comment or picture.

I’m personally guilty of following all my favorite brands on Instagram and Twitter. I know my friends and many others do it as well. I love reading their posts and having the chance to “like” or respond to something they have shared with what feels like me personally.

I recently posted a picture on Instagram of my gelato and tagged the brand talenti as well as ABC’s The Bachelor as I was watching with a friend. When I woke up the next day not only had both talenti and The Bachelor “liked” my picture but talenti had actually commented on it as well. I had a smile on my face as if a celebrity had just commented on my picture. Of course it was most likely a public relations associate at the companies doing a simple media search who found my picture and decided to hit “like” but it had made my day and for that I will always go back to talenti when I’m craving a sweet treat.

Last week as I was making my all to familiar trip to Target when I decided to post a tweet saying, “True Life: I’m addicted to Target.” A day later Target tweeted back at me saying, “We consider that a healthy addiction. ;)” I loved it! I retweeted them and told my classmates as I read it.

Talk about simple and effective communications! The people behind those brands decided to make my day by mentioning me in a comment or liking my posts and spent probably less than a minute in doing so and still left a lasting positive impression.

All it takes sometimes is some positive interactions to completely gain my brand loyalty. Those are two of my favorite social media brand stories and I would love to hear some of yours! Are there any brands or organizations you suggest following or do you have any stories of brands interacting with you? Share in the comments below!


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